This is my story. My wife Val and I welcome you to our continuing journey.



I am Bob Levy, Entrepreneur, Business Man, Husband, Father of 4, Grandpa of 1 and brother to 4 siblings. I think I have been an entrepreneur since I was very young. Growing up as a young boy in the country, I started by trying to figure out a better system to collect the daily eggs. When I reached into the chicken’s nest my hands were constantly plucked by the defending chickens. On another job I had to figure out an easier way to carry those heavy 5 gallon stainless jugs of fresh milk for the farmer from the milked cow to the sanitary milk room, where I then had to dump them in at a height which was easily over my head. As I grew a little older, I worked for my dad as a bricklayer’s helper mixing mud and then carrying buckets of it and heavy tongs of bricks up and down the ladder. Our family’s life was not easy or luxurious and everything we had, we earned and I learned quickly that steady hard work was what it took to be rewarded. Even today after many successes and failures it all comes down to your commitment, focus, preparation and belief in yourself. Things don’t happen without personal effort.

Once you get started on a task or project everything else starts to fall into place when you have an action plan. One step at a time many good things started to happen. During my middle and high school years, my focus and good marks on school subjects provided the permission to skip school to pursue my motocross racing which resulted in numerous achievements and championships at a provincial and national level. One of the highlights for me was winning the MOSPORT 250 Motocross Grand Prix in Mosport Ontario against an international contingent of riders in front of an enthusiastic Canadian crowd.

Then there was the 500Gp in Luxembourg, spring of 1975, where I finished 10th place in a lineup of 30 international riders. As the only Canadian entry accepted, it was an honor to compete against the world champion at the time, Heikki Mikkola on a Husqvarna. The crowds cheered during the playing of the Canadian National Anthem at the opening ceremonies, where with all the other international competitors were paraded by individual flag bearing girls in their marching band outfits. Motocross in Europe was a favorite sport and the enthusiastic spectators thought this Canadian kid was second place but I had actually been lapped by the world champion just a few corners before the finish line, charging through his muddy jet stream. The emotions of the ceremony, the adrenalin of the event and my personal challenge to finish in the top ten, are a cherished memory. Thanks to Dr. Van Reit and Husqvarna Canada for those great times.

My belief is that one has to give their best effort to any task at hand. Dedicate, focus, fall down, get up again, wipe the mud out of your eyes and don’t quit until you reach your goals. If you think anyone else is different than you, we’re all very similar and the big difference in people’s successes are only from within your own belief system, your confidence, knowledge and an inner desire to be accepted. Give back at every opportunity, keep learning to overcome anything, over-deliver, under promise and success will follow. Stay on time, do what you say, (or walk the talk) and don’t give up. In the end your chance for success will be much greater and recognize any failures as important steps to accomplishment.

Over the years of my working career, I have been challenged with many tasks that seemed unsurmountable to others at the time. Whether it was building an outdoor Supercross track in a torrential downpour inside the Toronto CNE stadium or installing a flock of flying stainless steel geese at the Expo 86 Canadian pavilion, quitting was not an option. After the sale of my thriving Convention and Display Supply contracting business, a move to the wine country of British Columbia presented the opportunity to build custom homes.

This was a great 12 year time frame of design, wine and friends, but the many beautiful homes that my wife and I built with a fabulous team of tradesmen were the true survivors of a pending recession. We became victim to the resulting construction crash of 2008, and lost everything. Many family and friends supported us through these tough times and still do to this day. This creates a big “WHY” to give back!

This is when I again took a serious interest in the internet as I love technology, design, and learning. During every spare moment I studied and bought countless online “shiny objects” but found it difficult to put all the pieces together. To maintain a livelihood, I turned back to the trade show floor, installing various trade shows and custom exhibits. An incredible fast moving marketing world in a physical sense, as designer exhibits and entire events are delivered, erected, displayed, networked and dismantled back onto trucks converting an empty concrete hall to a blitz of information.

In our pursuit to look for new career opportunities, the online world remained attractive and we plugged away but to no avail, I was not giving up. One of the things I learned from the display contract business and a few memorable years in the MLM industry was the reward of residual income. Do it once and get paid over and over again. This was also congruent with my ongoing interest in computers and the online internet marketing business model. Create value, educate, over-deliver and they will come. This can become fun for you and rewarding for others as you share your knowledge with others in a residual business model that with persistence, passion and patience is an opportunity without limits.

During the co-founding of a merchant processing company, we continually deliver the value and education needed to help other business owners save and prosper. Yes, a residual income model with repeat customers and referrals in the brick and mortar business world. This also provides an overlap of marketing requirements to reach our business prospects and existing customers which brings us closer to the benefits of the internet and adjacent online marketing world. It combines technology with communications (thru emails and video) and provides information to people that want to learn in a convenient digital format. Opportunity is at your fingertips with courses and digital communications.

We invite you to join my wife Val and I in our ongoing voyage towards a balance of online and offline activities. Trust your instincts as you learn the key elements (no shortcuts) today to internet marketing and the incredible residual income model it can bring you. Be grateful, honest and sincere. Give love and get loved as I am so lucky that my wife Val survived a near fatal brain aneurysm in 2012. She is an amazing person with a miraculous heart to share or confide in. One of the biggest things we’ve learned is that you become the average of who you hang out with, so our mentors, your partners, your friends and associates must share your integrity and values, so that you too can give back knowledge and assistance, information and systems that drive health, happiness, spiritual belief and financial success.

Many things worthwhile are not easy, but believe me, if you focus and commit, it will be worth your time. Choose carefully, avoid the shiny object syndrome, (including heavy stainless steel milk jugs) recessions, finger plucking chickens, products that don’t work and people that don’t give a damn.   Don’t worry too much about the money, as it typically follows those who are true and deliver value.

We look forward to meeting new people and friends at many of the upcoming conventions, workshops and cruises in the world of online marketing that offers you a rewarding and fulfilling lifestyle anywhere in the world. We would love to hear your story when we meet in your new online adventure.


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