Offline Fireworks

Do you celebrate life? It’s just important as working your butt off! Tonight we had a few friends over for a barbequed salmon, rice and salad dinner on the patio. We had a nice glass of red wine and then we walked down to the lake, a nice summer stroll, and watched 15 minutes of fireworks hosted by our local community, during the Westside Daze celebrations.

fireworksThis topped the day, which started with 30 minutes of planning on my computer for the coming work days, a quick exercise ritual, a bottle of water and finally a shower before heading off to the local community parade. Tonight in my solitude I am back on my computer learning more about optimize press (wow), creating this post (and it’s getting into that habit of posting daily) and watching a few training videos from my online mentors. (John, Omar, Dan, James & others)

If you don’t celebrate your daily routines and relax in between, you forget why you’re doing all the work required to become successful in health wealth and happiness. Can you find the balance between work and play? In developing our online business, we’ve found that focused time blocks are just as important as downtime with your family and friends, which gives you the pleasures and memories to dedicate time to learning and growth!

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