It occurred to me that nothing worthwhile is without it’s challenges. Making decisions to get out of your comfort zone can be very scary. Isn’t it time you figured out Why?

The fear of loosing the security of a consistent situation such as income could be a big one. It could be fear of failure because you don’t believe enough in yourself that you could become more knowledgeable than you thought possible in an interest or niche.  How does that happen? It’s because you haven’t studied the niche. If it was a test in elementary school, you would have studied it to pass, or get an average mark or get Top Grade. It takes time to read, learn, watch videos and become fluent in that subject. Soon you can write freehand without reference because you are familiar with the the niche the network, the people, the homework, the technical details or the systems to make it second nature. Why not get TOP GRADE! In Work and in Play.

I have stacked a list of “WHY’S” in my own personal chart of ambitions to accomplish goals and create systems for success. It’s a great exercise and provides the reminders to keep you motivated and pressing forward to get through that step in the process. As I am writing this blog post, I am thinking about my business tasks, my game plan for tomorrow, my family, my finances, my health, my work and my inner desire to move in a positive uplifting, more stress free lifestyle, it comes down to being prepared. A habit of preparedness takes away obstacles and worry, whether it’s packing your suitcase for a trip or organizing your plans for dinner. It could be organizing automated processes for bill payments, or dedicating a time block for online studies.  Getting into habits of readiness means planning further in advance. Not only does it reduce your stress about whats at hand, but you’re going to end up doing a better job with less effort. Your ducks are in a row. It helps get rid of laziness, it leads to energy, it allows you to get more done. I’m currently studying time management habits (one hour time blocks of focus) and it’s amazing how much more I am now getting done. Multitasking kills productivity even though sometimes it may be necessary. But focusing on one item at a time without interruption gets an item on your checklist accomplished.

My liCheckMark Redst of WHY’s include a few categories and in each area you can write the things that you would like to accomplish. These could be the start-up reasons to get moooving, get starrrted, get off your buuutt and get out of your comforrrrrt zone! Here’s my primary categories;

Emotional, Family, Travel, Spiritual, Personal, Security.

Come up with your Categories and write them down on a piece of paper, a spreadsheet folder or a bunch of post it notes. Even save it on your Desktop.Every time you feel like procrastinating just look at your list and maybe it will inspire you to try again and get moving on your tasks, or responsibilities. Once you get started it’s a little easier to continue.

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